Round of Recent Literary Translation Awards

Here's a list of some recent literary translation awards that have been given worldwide. Congrats to all nominees and winners!

  • German-born translator Heidi Kang and South Korean translator Ahn So-hyun receive the 19th Daesan Literary Award with the translation of Kim Hoon's "Song of the Sword"
  • Tawfiq Ali Mansour receives the Refa’a Al-Tahtawi Award from Egypt's Minister of Culture, along with a cash prize valued in $17,000 USD, for his translation of "The Nile"
  • Kamuran Şipal & Gerhard Meier, Turkish & German literary translators, to be honored during the Second Tarabya Translation Award, which includes a cash prize of 7,500 euros
  • Cuban translator Jaime Abelino López García wins The Golden Pen Award for the third time with the Russian translation of his own book, "Cuentos para Laura," and says recognition represents his profound love for Russia, its culture, and its people
  • Polish translator Andrzej Jagodzinski, who has translated most of the works written by former Czech president Vaclav Havel, receives prize "for the spread of Czech literature abroad"