And The Next Book I'll Be Translating Is...

"Oasis" by Bryce Beattie!

This will be a first for me, since I read the book just for fun earlier this year before contacting Bryce with a proposal for the Portuguese translation of his action-packed zombie thriller. I'm really excited about getting it started and seeing how different the translation process will be, since I already have clear images in my head of what happens throughout the story.

Here's the official synopsis:

"Terrorists use a free vaccination trailer as a front to infect the desert city of Oasis with a virus that has the power to kill the mind and take over the body. The next morning the power grid goes down. The government quarantines the city, but doesn't send aid, and nobody can understand why. Meanwhile, the infected begin to walk, mindlessly spreading the zombie virus to every corner of the town.

Corbin St. Laurent is an emergency room nurse with a will to survive, a little attitude, and the worst luck imaginable. During this crises he's plagued by hunger, thirst, fatigue, lack of safe shelter, a teenage hussy, one unstoppable virus, and hordes upon hordes of infected men & women. Sure, he's cool under pressure, but how much punishment can one man take?"

If you want to learn more about it, head on to Bryce's blog or thewebsite dedicated to the thriller. There's also a great book trailer with an original song by the author, who's currently working on the sequel, entitled "The Journey Of St. Laurent (Oasis II)".