Senegal reads a language they don't understand, says author

The press and traditional literature of Senegal is written in French, even though most of the population communicates in one of its native languages, Wolof.

"Africa is the only continent where we write novels in a language readers don't understand, including English, French, and Portuguese," says Senegalese author Boubacar Boris Diop.

Diop writes both in French and Wolof and, despite being known for contributing to Rwanda: écrire par devoir de mémorie, he tries to focus on issues concerning the Senegalese society. His novel Doomi Golo (2006) is one of the few books to have been entirely written in Wolof.

He is part of a movement that tries to go back to its African roots and expresses its culture in Wolof. According to him, the new generation in Senegal is "very democratic" and has taken the streets to demonstrate against frequent power outages, high unemployment rates among the youth and criticize Léopold Sédar Senghor, Head of State, poet and member of the French Academy. 

Full article from El Día [in Spanish]